Business Model Competitionの評価基準



International Business Model Competition2014 JUDGING CRITERIA

Each round of the International Business Model Competition is generally judged using the following questions:

  • Did the team use the Business Model Canvas or similar tool to identify and track assumptions?(仮説を示すのにBMCや類似のツールを使っているか)
  • Did the team clearly state their assumptions/hypotheses?(仮説を提示しているか)
  • Did the team identify the most crucial assumptions to test first (the ones that will kill their  business)?(最初に検証すべき重要な仮説を特定しているか)
  • Did the team design low cost, rapid, but reliable tests of these hypotheses?(コストをかけず迅速、しかし信頼性の高い検証方法を設計しているか) 
  • Did the team conduct the tests in a reliable manner? (信頼に足る方法で検証しているか)
    Number of tests - should be adjusted for industry, product type (web vs physical product),and business type (B2B vs B2C)(十分なサンプル数)
    Quality of tests - interviews are high quality, surveys & focus groups are much lower quality (you don’t know which questions to ask) unless interviews have been conducted first(十分な質)
  • Did the team clearly state what they learned, how it validated an assumption or not, and if that informed any changes/pivots?(何を学び、どのように検証され、ピボットすべきかどうかが示されているか)
  • If changes were made, was the pivot the team made supported by evidence or did they fail to pivot when the evidence clearly stated it?(検証結果に基づいてピボットしているか)
  • If appropriate, has the team developed a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP)? Does the team understand the assumptions they are testing with a prototype or MVP? Is the prototype or MVP appropriate to answer those assumptions? (We want to reward prototypes over full productsunless the product is the result of many prototypes tested with customers—in other words, wewant to reward testing assumptions before building and building from prototypes up to products.We do not want to reward just building products too early based on untested assumptions)(MVPは適切か)
  • Is the team solving a significant problem (defined in terms of money or impact)?*(重要な問題を解決しているか)
  • Does the team have significant evidence that the solution is validated (includes letters of intent, purchase contracts, sales, and partners)?(ソリューションが検証されたという重要な証拠をもっているか)