Writing books while "breathing the world"

I am currently in "writing mode", and work in a way that is extremely stoic. I put 25 minutes on a timer, shout "ready, go!", and after all of the minutes are up, count the number of characters I have written. If the results are not very good, I really push myself during the last five minutes. As a result, I write about 1200 words on average.

Although my job is one that is done in solitude, the surrounding environment has an immense effect on my work. When I work in small spaces with no windows, I can only write a few hundred characters, or sometimes none at all. However, if I work in a cafe with big windows, there are times when I can easily write 1500 characters.

Many people think that when I write, I am outputting what is inside my head onto paper.

However, what actually happens is that I catch things that come from the outside with my body, and convert what I catch into words with my brain.

Hence, it is better if I can see the outside scenery as I work. It is better if there is an affluent amount of emotion floating about outside. The ideas I have when I write come from the outside scenery. When I write, I adjust the position of my antenna as if I am installing a satellite disc. People call this inspiration.

There are people who make fun of the "nomad" work style, however, I believe these people have never experienced this process of writing while "breathing the world". There are things that people could never write if they are shut up in an office.