A Writing Style of Checking My Pace is like a Marathon

I am working on writing for a new book right now. I have written 10, 000 characters in Japanese in the past 3 days. To make a book, I need 100, 000 characters so if I keep up the pace, it should be done in 30 days.

Blogging is like a sprint and you can write as you feel like and that is it. But when it comes to books, you need to write 150 times more than such blogs. It is like a marathon.


Of course, writing styles are different as well. In sprint, all you need to think about is to run to the goal whereas marathon runners need to think about pacing themselves. They run, grasping their paces every 5 km.

There are something similar in writing books and I use a writing style of checking my pace like a marathon. More specifically, I use a writing method of checking the amount written every 30 minutes.

For my lifehack series, around 1,500 characters/ 30 minutes is the standard. What I am writing now is a little slower at 1,200 characters. Such speeds depend on the difficulty of the content being written. I check to see if I am keeping up with the pace as I write.

For this reason, I set a timer to go off every 25 minutes. If I am behind the space when it goes off, then I try to catch up in the next 5 minutes. I try to write without disturbing my pace like this. The time allocation is just like the Pomodoro technique.

My writing performance in the New Year's is like the above.

Jan 2 17:00 17:30 1,500
  17:30 18:00 1,200
Jan 3 21:30 22:00 1,100
  22:00 22:30 1,200
Jan 4 11:30 12:00 1,300
  17:00 17:30 1,200
  18:00 18:30 1,200
Jan 5 0:00 0:30 1,000
  0:30 1:00 1,100
  8:30 9:00 900
  11:00 11:30 900
  12:00 12:30 1,200
  17:20 17:50 1,100