Make Diffusion Models Backed by Technology

In an interview with the Nikkei Newspaper, Professor Christiansen offered the following responses.



——Explain the requirements for Japan's recovery.

"In order for big corporations to create new growth opportunities, they must return to their roots of developing simple products that everyone can buy. It's the same as Sony's development of the walkman, which pioneered a market."

"It is important to measure investment earnings against criteria different from existing business. If corporate management has the flexibility to build departments separate from existing, profitable business, then they can succeed."

"Japan - return to your roots!" - Professor Christiansen: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Japanese corporations should not pursue high-functional, high-performance products. Instead, they should aim to produce "destructive innovation" — handheld, inexpensive goods that can be widely popularized.

In today's age, it is necessary to add network functions. Products should be equipped with cheap, battery-friendly Bluetooth and be able to connect with smartphones. Ideally, as users increase so does a product's convenience. If businesses can create what is known as network effect, there is nothing else left to say.

If a product functions as a platform, then it enters a different dimension than a product simply sold at a low price. The method of popularizing a devise and then earning from the platform is similar to the Playstation game console. In terms of game consoles, there is nothing for anyone to criticize as "cheap selling" when the consoles are initially sold at a loss. 

I think means for survival lie not in developing highly priced products with high added-value, but rather in developing inexpensive network devices.

Importantly, departments cut off from existing business organizations must direct these enterprises. Otherwise, they will cannibalize existing business.